Company   At   A   Glance

R Brian Nelson Architect

We specialize in Rescue Ministry Architectural Design

   * Site Master Planning and Analysis
   * Architectural Design
   * Functional Space Planning and Allocations
   * Presentations to Boards of Directors and Agencies
   * Capital Campaign Explanation and Guidance
   * Capital Campaign Graphics
   * Zoning and Planning Analysis and Agency Guidance
   * Special Use Permits
   * Consultant/Coordinator for Grants
   * Project Management through Design Process

More about the services I provide

I work on all types of Rescue Mission construction. Some projects are remodels or expansions while others are built from scratch. Some require purchasing a piece of land; while others use existing property and remodel of current facilities. I'm available for consultation and advice at every step from concept through Design Process

My goal is to get you the very best facilities and the highest return on your investment. Because I have worked with so many ministries, I am able to be very efficient with my time saving you money and frustration. I will also guide you in applying for grants on a national basis and design materials to graphically state your case.

What   You   Can   Expect

Initial Consultation

I typically make a 3 day trip to gather a wide array of information and offer consultation on issues such as zoning, real estate options and fundraising. I will "ask you a thousand questions" and leave you with an Executive Summary and Next Steps Outline.

Case for Support

I will guide you in complying of all the data
like the size of the ministry, number of beds, parking requirements, number of volunteers and any special needs for your community. This helps ensure that the appropriate size piece of property or project is selected.

Conceptual Design

I will produce a colored site plan, floor plans, and exterior color renderings for use in the capital campaign and for your presentation to donors. I design facilities to help get you the most points towards grants by stating your case clearly.

Capital Campaigns

There are more private and corporate funds available than ever before.  I can guide you to new sources of funding that can cover 40-45% of your project. I will offer your Board explanation and guidance thru the process as well as produce graphics for brochures.

Featured   Project

  • City:Grants Pass, OR
  • Women's Beds:From 8 to 21 + 16 Children
  • Men's Beds:From 22 to 78
  • Learning Center:New 1,185 sq ft
  • Ray Allen Center:New 16 men/8 women
  • Staff Apts:New 2-2 bed; 2-1 bed
  • Total New Square Feet:47,154
Brian and Marcia Nelson

About   My   Family

Marcia and I live on a 10 acre horse ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley, near Santa Barbara, California. We have been married 40 years. Marcia’s business, Horseman’s Hangout, is a rider and horse training business with 20 horses. We have 2 sons, an 18 year old granddaughter, and a 6 year old grandson. My 89 year old parents live 8 minutes away from us (they have been married 69 years).