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Rescue Ministry Written Programming

Specializing in Rescue Ministry Written Programming

The first step in planning a facility is a written program. The program is based on the NEEDS in the community (not necessarily just what the Rescue Mission is led to provide). I tell the staff that I will be "asking them a thousand questions" in order to analyze which of the community needs will be met by the Rescue Mission and what is the Mission's role and commitment to meet those needs.  I then calculate the square footage needed based on the program including the building, parking demands, site amenities, zoning constraints, etc.

Rescue Ministry Architectural Design

Specializing in Rescue Ministry Architectural Design

Beginning with the site plan which includes zoning requirements and parking demand, I then create a conceptual design including the floor plans which meet the programming needs. I work with a local architect to be assured that we meet the local design criteria.  I am the only architect who specializes in functional design for all types of Rescue Ministries.

Rescue Ministry Capital Campaign Guidance

Specializing in Rescue Ministry Capital Campaign Guidance

Based on the conceptual design, I work with the local architect and/or local contractor to establish a construction budget.  After adding the costs associated with conducting the Capital Campaign, I help guide the Rescue Mission in choosing a Capital Campaign consultant and educate the staff and the Board of Directors on their roles and responsibilities.  I help to create a "Next Steps" outline including tasks, who is responsible for each step, and establish a Time Line to complete those tasks/steps.

Presentations to the Board of Directors

Specialty Presentations to the Board of Directors and Agencies

A community-wide Rescue Mission campaign is not like a church or Christian school campaign.  It is a Community Campaign for the least, the last, and the lost. Most Board members have not been involved in such a campaign.  Public agencies and planning commission meetings can be filled with misguided emotions.  I have extensive experience in both arenas and have helped Boards understand their roles. Together, we can turn community nay sayers into believers in our cause.

Great Falls Rescue Mission

In   Process

Great Falls Rescue Mission
is the ONLY service provider in NW Montana. They just purchased 25,000 sq ft lot.

I designed a new 39,700 sq ft Family Building to house a full size multi-purpose/gym for after-school programs for 60-70 kids.

The new building will also include: 100 beds for families, a day room, living rooms, dining room, kitchen, 16 emergency beds, 4 clinics, a learning center for parents and children, courtyard play center, maintenance, offices and 10 parking places.

Total Capital Campaign is about $12 million of which a major portion will be covered by grants.

Personal   Ministries

I attend, and I am a volunteer staff, at The Ranch Church (a Calvary Chapel Church), where I co-chair the Missions Committee. I have been on missions trips to Jamaica, Australia (twice), and Mexico (6 times). I was a High School youth leader in our church for 5 years. God has given me a heart for short term missions, especially doing "makeovers" on pastor's homes in Molokai and Honolulu, Hawaii, Vail, Colorado and our own pastor's garage. 

Over the last 3 years I led 5 teams to do a "Home Makeover" for a pastor's home in Honolulu. I designed a remodel and additions to double the size of the original home and raise it 17 feet to stop the constant flooding. During this time the pastor's church, One Love Ministries, has grown to 1,100 members and an Hawaiian Island wide Christian television station with over 74,000 viewers a day!

Home Makeover
  • After - Room for Family, Ministry and Study


It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with Brian on our recent Capital Campaign.

He presents himself in a professional manner and communicates well with both our Board and our Staff. His ideas and drawings of those ideas are exceptional!

Jim Kizer, Executive Director
Great Falls Rescue Mission